Now Step into Glorious Light

Now Step into Glorious Light
Author : Emma St. George Ekeh
Publisher : Author House
Total Pages : 216
Release : 2011-05-19
ISBN 10 : 9781467891400
ISBN 13 : 1467891401
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Now Step into Glorious Light Book Description:

This book Now Step Into Glorious Light will start you on a journey you may have never been before, but a journey you have dreamed all your life to embark upon. This book will take you step by step, minute by minute, to your divine nature. It will be your daily companion in every facet of your life. Now Step Into Glorious Light is a book containing releases from the inner realm direct to the author and through other channels, never before exposed so openly and in so uncomplicated manner. It is meant to reveal to you who and what God is; who and what you are in God, the actual nature of God and how God relates with man. The book gives you a very rare gift: keys to answered prayers. When properly studied and applied these keys will enable you to grow stronger in faith. You will learn why prayers are not answered. It will teach you meditation in the simplest but most effective way. The book exposes you to yourself, makes you to understand the powers at your disposal and shows you how you can overcome difficult times and move those mountains in your life - all by your self. The book will help open you up to the light. Now Step Into Glorious Light guides your through the initiation into light, teaches you what supply is and how to increase your supply. You will also learn how consciousness changes your life from sadness and hardship to joy and abundance. You can now heal yourself. Written when the world is facing crushing economic depression and global social problems, your economic and social life will properly be guided by what you learn from this book. You will also learn what happens to you when it is time to leave this planet and after your material body drops. It explains what happens in the inner life after the physical life is gone. It is a book that every practitioner needs and every student of light will find indispensable no matter what religion one practices. It will help preachers redesign their teachings as they will discover the truth which they may not have been conscious of in the past. It suggests practical work which the reader needs to apply for rapid spiritual growth. I sincerely hope this book will help you rebuild your consciousness and enable you to step into Glorious Light.

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