Hamiltonian Systems and Celestial Mechanics

Hamiltonian Systems and Celestial Mechanics
Author : J Delgado
Publisher : World Scientific
Total Pages : 370
Release : 2000-10-09
ISBN 10 : 9789814492119
ISBN 13 : 9814492116
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Hamiltonian Systems and Celestial Mechanics Book Description:

This volume is an outgrowth of the Third International Symposium on Hamiltonian Systems and Celestial Mechanics. The main topics are Arnold diffusion, central configurations, singularities in few-body problems, billiards, area-preserving maps, and geometrical mechanics. All papers in the volume went through the refereeing process typical of a mathematical research journal. Contents:The Rhomboidal Charged Four Body Problem (F Alfaro & E Pérez-Chavela)Planetary Rings with Shepherds (L Benet & T H Seligman)Low Reynolds Number Swimming in Two Dimensions (A Cherman et al.)2-Dimensional Invariant Tori for the Spatial Isosceles 3-Body Problem (M Corbera & J Llibre)The Global Flow for the Synodical Spatial Kepler Problem (M P Dantas & J Llibre)Unbounded Growth of Energy in Periodic Perturbations of Geodesic Flows of the Torus (A Delshams et al.)Splitting and Melnikov Potentials in Hamiltonian Systems (A Delshams & P Gutiérrez)Infinity Manifolds of Cubic Polynomial Hamiltonian Vector Fields with 2 Degrees of Freedom (M Falconi et al.)Relativistic Corrections to Elementary Galilean Dynamics and Deformations of Poisson Brackets (R Flores-Espinoza & Y M Vorobjev)Heteroclinic Phenomena in the Sitnikov Problem (A García & E Pérez-Chavela)Doubly-Symmetric Periodic Solutions of Hill's Lunar Problem (R C Howison & K R Meyer)On Practical Stability Regions for the Motion of a Small Particle Close to the Equilateral Points of the Real Earth-Moon System (À Jorba)Variational Methods for Quasi-Periodic Solutions of Partial Differential Equations (R de la Llave)The Splitting of Invariant Lagrangian Submanifolds: Geometry and Dynamics (J-P Marco)Cross-Sections in the Planar N-Body Problem (C McCord)Existence of an Additional First Integral and Completeness of the Flow for Hamiltonian Vector Fields (J Muciño-Raymundo)Simplification of Perturbed Hamiltonians Through Lie Transformations (J Palacián & P Yanguas)Linear Stability in the 1 + N-Gon Relative Equilibrium (G E Roberts)Analytic Continuation of Circular and Elliptic Kepler Motion to the General 3-Body Problem (J Soler)The Phase Space of Finite Systems (K B Wolf et al.) Readership: Students and researchers in mathematics and nonlinear dynamics. Keywords:Charged Four Body Problem;Low Reynolds Number;Relativistic Corrections;Sitnikov Problem;Hill's Lunar Problem;Invariant Lagrangian Submanifolds;Planar N-Body Problem;Elliptic Kepler Motion

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