Information Evaluation

Information Evaluation
Author : Philippe Capet
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages : 338
Release : 2014-01-07
ISBN 10 : 9781118898970
ISBN 13 : 1118898974
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Information Evaluation Book Description:

During the reception of a piece of information, we are neverpassive. Depending on its origin and content, from our personalbeliefs and convictions, we bestow upon this piece of information,spontaneously or after reflection, a certain amount of confidence.Too much confidence shows a degree of naivety, whereas an absolutelack of it condemns us as being paranoid. These two attitudes aresymmetrically detrimental, not only to the proper perception ofthis information but also to its use. Beyond these two extremes,each person generally adopts an intermediate position when facedwith the reception of information, depending on its provenance andcredibility. We still need to understand and explain how thesejudgements are conceived, in what context and to what end. Spanning the approaches offered by philosophy, militaryintelligence, algorithmics and information science, this bookpresents the concepts of information and the confidence placed init, the methods that militaries, the first to be aware of the need,have or should have adopted, tools to help them, and the prospectsthat they have opened up. Beyond the military context, the bookreveals ways to evaluate information for the good of other fieldssuch as economic intelligence, and, more globally, theinformational monitoring by governments and businesses. Contents 1. Information: Philosophical Analysis and StrategicApplications, Mouhamadou El Hady Ba and Philippe Capet. 2. Epistemic Trust, Gloria Origgi. 3. The Fundamentals of Intelligence, Philippe Lemercier. 4. Information Evaluation in the Military Domain: Doctrines,Practices and Shortcomings, Philippe Capet and Adrien Revaultd’Allonnes. 5. Multidimensional Approach to Reliability Evaluation ofInformation Sources, Frédéric Pichon, ChristopheLabreuche, Bertrand Duqueroie and Thomas Delavallade. 6. Uncertainty of an Event and its Markers in Natural LanguageProcessing, Mouhamadou El Hady Ba, Stéphanie Brizard, Tanneguy Dulong andBénédicte Goujon. 7. Quantitative Information Evaluation: Modeling and ExperimentalEvaluation, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Frédéric Pichon and ThomasDelavallade. 8. When Reported Information Is Second Hand, Laurence Cholvy. 9. An Architecture for the Evolution of Trust: Definition andImpact of the Necessary Dimensions of Opinion Making, AdrienRevault d’Allonnes. About the Authors Philippe Capet is a project manager and research engineer atEktimo, working mainly on information management and control inmilitary contexts. Thomas Delavallade is an advanced studies engineer at ThalesCommunications & Security, working on social media mining inthe context of crisis management, cybersecurity and the fightagainst cybercrime.

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