Elliott Waves Made Simple

Elliott Waves Made Simple
Author : Steve Sinclair
Publisher :
Total Pages : 93
Release : 2018-03-31
ISBN 10 : 1980703531
ISBN 13 : 9781980703532
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Elliott Waves Made Simple Book Description:

The Elliott Waves digs into the basics of candlestick movements in the charts, even in Forex, Stock, ETF or Options... Every trader may have heard of the Elliott Wave theory, but many of whom find it a bit overwhelming and complicated. The Elliott Wave concept does have a steeper learning curve than other types of analysis. However, I myself have found that it is one of the best forecasting tools available to Forex traders. The use of Elliott Waves analysis, in combination with other tools, would highly stack the odds in your favor or increase your chances of winning trades. This is especially useful for detecting big and major movements in any financial market charts. Needless to say, when you fail to predict any big movements of the market, trading is more or less a gamble, and things are much more dangerous those times. This book would save you from those unexpected situations, and pave the way for consistent profits. Inside, what you will learn include: How do the motive phase and the corrective phase shape and what are the secrets behind these movements? What are classic types of motive and corrective phases on charts? How can Elliott Waves and Fibonacci be combined to avoid false signals in the market? What are the three reliable methods to spot Waves Patterns easily with Fibonacci? How can RSI be combined with Elliott Waves to put the odds in your favor in each trade? What are three ways to trade conservatively using RSI? What are three ways to trade aggressively using RSI? And much, much more real trade examples that give you a much clearer view of secrets behind Elliott Waves trading? Would you like to know more? Click the "buy now with 1-Click" button to download and master the Elliott Waves techniques inside in less than 48 hours.

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