Ghost Hunter: Pariahs

Ghost Hunter: Pariahs
Author : Martin J. Best
Publisher : Martin J. Best
Total Pages : 486
Release : 2019-08-17
ISBN 10 : 9781687704368
ISBN 13 : 1687704368
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Ghost Hunter: Pariahs Book Description:

Ardent paranormal investigator Malachi Hunter and his crack team return for Book Six of the transcendent Ghost Hunter Series. The group are set to tackle intense and unparalleled challenges which could very well reach beyond their extensive acumen this time! While renovating a former Roman Catholic orphanage, a construction team has encountered bizarre and unexplained incidents. With the work on the project virtually ground to a halt due to this suspected paranormal activity, Mal and his team are called upon to conduct a ghostly investigation. Whatever could have happened in this lonely orphanage so many years ago? The ghost hunters are about to find out, and the terrifying answer to this question will come in the form of a spiteful poltergeist infestation which will test them to their limits! While the team of steadfast ghost hunters are busy confronting the troubling haunting- there is another perilous plot afoot. A surreptitious group known as the Partisans of Taranis are zeroing in on the secret gateway to the Summer Lands, which is the home of the Celtic Gods. Discovery of this portal could be the catalyst for death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. Having an insider planted within the Partisan group, Mal and his team of ghost hunters are tipped off about the deadly incursion. The race is on to prevent this catastrophe in the making…with the outcome very much in doubt! Come join Mal and his crew as they once again confront the unknown. Be sure not to miss the other chilling titles in the Ghost Hunter Series: The Novice Ghost Hunter Ghost Hunter: A Matter of Faith Ghost Hunter: Of Gods and Ghosts Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties Ghost Hunter: Remnants and Revenants

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