Little Ada and the School Bus Driver

Little Ada and the School Bus Driver by Edward W. Slater
Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Release : 2021-09-20
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Coming from my personal experience, driving the school buses brought me some of the most joyful and satisfying moments in my life. They are all good students. Some were in desperate need of a caring father figure or authority figure to help guide them along their way. We have all needed that caring guidance and advice given by someone in authority to help resolve problems or difficulties. Proverbs 3:5–6 says, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

Understanding The Complex Reality Of The School Bus Driver's Job

Understanding The Complex Reality Of The School Bus Driver's Job by Roman Blaise
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2011-12-12
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ROMAN BLAISE BLAISE “Understanding the Complex Reality of the SCHOOL BUS DRIVER’S JOB” is the testimony of a school bus driver named Roman Blaise. Throughout the school year, trying to please everyone and answer every question; screaming at the students for their safety on the bus, also smiling, playing and even dancing for them. When necessary, requiring order out of troublemakers, caution out of harassment of other drivers, fairness out of indifference. This book contains important tools of prevention, asks for more children’s understanding, talks about what Roman Blaise has seen and heard, raises various problems encountered by school bus drivers, laments the loss of a colleague. It also questions the system of things and is waiting for answers, forces drivers to learn to adapt to students, raises the barrier of communication between immigrant drivers and students, and tests the driver’s conscience. It ends the last school day with the tears of a black kindergartener who will miss forever the affection of his dear white female teacher. Everyone endowed with the passion to know, should reserve in his libray a space for this fascinating book, “Understanding the Complex Reality of the SCHOOL BUS DRIVER’S JOB”. ROMAN

The Bus Driver’s Mother

The Bus Driver’s Mother by Beverly Pridgen
Publisher : Izzard Ink
Release : 2022-01-25
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The footpath of a special child becoming a special man, and the challenges met and surmounted by his mother, form the core of this captivating narrative. As we shift between the perspectives of Ella, the mother, and Andrew, the son, we touch down in different time frames, capturing unfettered glimpses into his simple outlook and guileless character, in contrast to Ella’s complicated and multifaceted emotions. Ella juggles poverty, divorce, health crises, remarriage, and tragedy while raising six young children and struggling to navigate Andrew’s special needs. Through her journey, she discovers that life is as much about opposition and extremity as it is about smooth sailing. The story underscores common challenges of raising special-needs children, such as confusing medical diagnoses, problematic glitches in the educational system, and unsolicited opinions and judgments offered liberally by well-meaning outsiders. Far from clinical, the story is poignant and emotional, with some surprising twists and turns. Throughout, we become acquainted with the sincere and unassuming man that is Andrew as he embarks upon a surprisingly fortuitous career as a tour bus driver, one who genuinely cares about each passenger. The Bus Driver’s Mother portrays the pain, challenges, and disappointments integral to life. It also depicts the wonder, surprises, and blessings which come, when least expected, along the way. It proposes that every level of intellect should be esteemed, and that indeed, every child ought to be cherished.

Solving a Bus Driver Scheduling Problem: A Genetic Algorithm Approach (UUM Press)

Solving a Bus Driver Scheduling Problem: A Genetic Algorithm Approach (UUM Press) by Razamin Ramli
Publisher : UUM Press
Release : 2013-01-16
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Many transport companies face problems in regulating their transport services due to various challenges and issues. These problems affect the quality of the services provided especially in a university campus environment, where students heavily depend on the university transport services for their daily commuting.What are the problems faced by the management of the campus transport company? What are the issues raised by the drivers operating the on-campus buses? Hence, in assisting the management of the transport company the authors have identified the inefficiency of their bus driver scheduling system as one of the main problems, which needed to be tackled. For that reason, the authors developed an efficient bus driver scheduling model based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) approach. The GA model is able to provide some resolutions and insight in relation to these inquiries: What are the constraints being considered in this bus driver scheduling problem? - How were the drivers’ break times being distributed in this GA approach? - How was the time taken to generate an efficient schedule? - For more information please visit:

Meet a Bus Driver! (In Our Neighborhood)

Meet a Bus Driver! (In Our Neighborhood) by Jodie Shepherd
Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Release : 2021-09-07
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Join Emma and Theo on their adventures as they meet community helpers in their neighborhood! Theo and Emma’s school bus driver is getting ready to retire—and now they are sitting in as he trains his replacement. Come along as Emma and Theo get a firsthand look at a bus driver’s job. Join in the excitement as these fun-loving friends continue to meet a variety of new community helpers and learn the ins-and-outs of their very important jobs. Each story is told from the point of view of either Emma or Theo in an engaging narrative that combines fiction and nonfiction text. Beautiful illustrations and real-life photos contribute to the fun. Add in a detailed map, a Q&A with a community helper, as well as tips and tools, and you've got a series of books that kids won't want to put down!